3 thoughts on “2017 Season Opener – Knobbies At Knight”

  1. We thought about the awards and prizes for Knobbies on Kincaid and decided on bike lights! Because who couldn’t use another set? Ride your bike in the cool Louisiana evening air safely. First place gets 1500 lumens, 2nd: 600 lumens, 3rd place: 350 lumens

  2. Results:

    Cat 1: Trevor Berry
    Cat 2, Under 45 age group:
    1st place Corey Mouton
    2nd place Kyle Peveto
    3rd place Cole Leblanc
    Cat 2, 45+ age group:
    1st place Chris VanWay
    2nd place Jim Winter
    Cat 3:
    1st place Frank Higgins
    2nd place Chuck Rothwell
    3rd place John Johnson

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