Thank you, Louisiana mountain bike racers

It is with a little bit of sadness and a lot of pride that we announce the retirement of the Louisiana State Championship of Mountain Bike Racing, aka LAXC.  In partnership with USACycling, this state championship was the first of its kind for the Gulf South United States.  We brought things together at an opportune time when Louisiana had high-charged support for mountain bike racing, with trails just waiting to be promoted and raced.

Trends come and go, people move on to other passions, and the weather changes.  What was started in 2011 and finishes in its lucky seventh year accomplished the following goals in service of mountain biking (racing has always been a great way to promote trails):

It helped an aggressive but unique new trail in the West Feliciana Sports Park called “The Beast” grow from obscurity and infamy.  This trail is now famous in the media, and a permanent destination for competitive trail runners and mountain bikers alike.

The LAXC was solely responsible for carrying on the unbroken string of Piney Hills Classic races on Louisiana’s most celebrated trail in Ruston, the annual event now safely back in the hands of TMBRA.  We thank Texas for its standard-setting competition, and participation in our series.

The LAXC brought mountain bike racing to the grand Bodcau Dam trail.

The LAXC held Louisiana’s first sanctioned night race!

The Louisiana series was there to promote the brand-new Acadiana Park trail in Lafayette that now has strong, sustainable popularity, and a new series host to feed it racers next year.

Lastly, although we lost a diamond in the rough, the Cypress Bend Resort trail, we were blessed with a top-notch sponsor in our first year that treated a bunch of muddy mountain bikers like first-class royalty, within resort tucked away in the hills and lakes of Western Louisiana.

Therefore, we leave mountain biking, and mountain bike racing in the good hands of those enthusiasts that have raced with us and will continue to seek out new trails and new racing adventures.  Stay fast and dirty Louisiana!