Rules have been updated for the 2017 Fall series.  However, please do submit your ideas to us!

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Drop Races

There will be one drop race in the 2017 series.  Racers will be scored for the championship on their best 4 out of 5 races in the series.  Non-attendance of a race will be considered a drop.

Weather Policy

Mountain bike races are rain or shine events.  Race Directors are expected to reserve trails under agreements with parks to hold races on the date they are scheduled, except in the case of thunder/lightning or severe flooding.

Series Categories

2017 series categories were determined by expected participation, based upon the previous years’ turnout.  It is expected that every established category will average at least 3.5 racers throughout the year.  Categories that average 3.49 or fewer racers at the end of the season are subject to consolidation of age groups or elimination from the series.

Kids Race (free and optional, championship not awarded)

      • Pro/Cat 1 Men
      • Pro/Cat1/2 Women
      • Intermediate/Cat 2 Men under 45
      • Intermediate/Cat 2 Men Masters (45 and up)
      • Weekend Warrior/Cat 3 Women
      • Weekend Warrior/Cat 3 Men under 45
      • Weekend Warrior/Cat 3 Men Masters (45 and up)

We love to hear your feedback

* The Piney Hills Classic is exempt from series categories since it is primarily organized by TMBRA. TMBRA results will be adapted to LAXC categories for points standings.


For 2017, individual race registration fees are $35 for pre-registration online, and $40 for onsite registration.  See the USACycling section for additional license fees.  The Piney Hills Classic is exempt from the fee schedule since it is primarily organized by TMBRA.

For 2017 race promoters, a per-race contribution of $98.76 is required in order to fund the series championship jerseys from Jakroo.  Sponsorships acquired during the year may contribute and thus lower or eliminate this cost to promoters.  There are officiating fees and trail reservation costs that should be arranged well in advance of the event.  Other costs and obligations are best understood by contacting us for more information.

Courses and Timing

In reference to Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) policies that were designed to keep cross-country racing aggressive, the LAXC has developed the following guidelines on courses and timing.   In Pro Category 1, the race winner’s finish time should fall between 1 hour, 30 minutes and 1:50.  Intermediate Cat 2 timing should be between 1:10-1:30.  Weekend Warrior Cat 3s should finish between 40 minutes and 1 hour.   In order to accomplish these times, it is recommended that race loops be between 3 and 7 miles in length.  The number of laps between men and women may differ in order to fit these finish times as well.

Reference:  UCI Cycling Regulations, sec. 4.2.001


Individual awards/medals for all official series categories are awarded after scoring has been completed.  Cash payout for top three finishers in each Pro/Cat 1 group is generally expected, with amounts at the discretion of the race promoter.  Awards or medals are expected in the Intermediate (2) and Weekend Warrior (3) categories.   Since 2016, in order to keep fees low,  race directors have not been expected to provide free food and drink, other than water, t-shirts, or other swag, to racers.

USA Cycling

The LAXC series is USAC-affiliated and subject to its rules as the official state championship of Louisiana Cross-Country Mountain biking.  To race our series and win the championship, all riders must have an annual license (approximately $75 annually, paid to USAC).  However to race individual races, people racing Cat 2 or Cat 3 can purchase a 1-day license for $5.  Cat 1 racers must have an active annual license or purchase a $25 one-day license.

Helmets are required at all times during the races and while riding at the race venues.